Didn’t see that coming!


So… recently I was enjoying some natural time back at our pond. Clothes free, cooling breeze, peace and quiet. The breeze coupled with the lemon grass spray kept the bugs away. It was a mostly cloudy day, which was wonderful because I have rather pale skin tone and can sunburn fairly quickly if I’m not careful. Thus, my chair is usually set up in the shade, and I will make brief forays into direct sunlight.

As I lay there, the cloud cover began to break up. I found myself exposed to strong, bright, direct sunlight. I decided to lay there anyway for a few moments before moving my chair back into the shade of the large oak tree.

Then, my phone rang.

I looked at the screen. “Private Number”. Hmmm. I rarely get those and don’t answer them, so I swiped the little red icon to quiet the phone. As soon as I set it back down, it started ringing again. I looked at the screen and sure enough it showed the same thing- “Private Number”. Again, I swipe the little red icon to stop the ringing. Strange that a private number would call me in the first place and even stranger it would call me back so quickly. I decided to wait and see if it happened again.

It did. No sooner had I swiped the red icon and decided to see what would happen than my phone started ringing again. And again, the display showed “Private Number”. I figured it would be best to answer it and find out what this is all about. I swiped the green icon and said “Hello”.

“Sir, please move your chair into the shade of that adjacent oak tree if you intend to remain nude.”

Alarmed, I started scanning the area, trying to find the trespasser who was obviously somewhere around me.

“Who is this?” I demanded, reaching for my firearm that I keep handy for snakes and hostile critters.

“Sir, there is no need to panic. Nobody is on your property. I’m with the National Security Administration. The sunlight reflecting off of your body is blinding several key satellites, now PLEASE move your chair into the shade if you intend to remain nude!” Then the call disconnected.

I looked up at the sky in wonder, and immediately moved my chair into the shade. I was starting to get too hot anyway.



Happy Independence Day!


Fellow Americans, please pause for a moment today and remember why we celebrate the fourth of July.

Our Forefathers recognized inherent freedoms endowed upon each of us by our Heavenly Father. They placed everything they had on the line to declare our independence from the English crown. They risked it all- their lives, their honor, and their property to take up arms and fight what was then the most advanced, powerful, and largest military force on Earth.

And… they won.

Then they started the REAL battle; setting up a form of government designed to place power in the hands of the governed instead of the ones who govern. To limit the power and size of the government in order to prevent it from encroaching upon the God given rights and freedoms that we ALL have simply by virtue of our birth.

Over the years, our society has devolved to the point where people name all manner of things and call them “rights”. The “right” to not be offended, the “right” to free stuff, and so much more that it defies listing.

Just because one wants something does not make it a “right”.

The rights that we do actually have and are protected by our Constitution are precious and should be safeguarded with great jealousy.

Celebrate the founding the the greatest nation conceived by mankind on Earth.

Remember what those great people back then risked to create it. Remember the incredible courage and determination they employed. Remember what those pretty fireworks truly represent.

Rest and Relaxation

We’ve been rather busy lately, The weather is warm and there is much to do! My wife has been working insane hours so my goal has been to take care of everything else at home. Thus, when she does get home, she can relax as much as possible. Got in a little R&R at the pond though!

Nudism is natural. It is normal, It is beneficial and healthy for all of us. Male, female, young, old, in between, all shapes and sizes.

It isn’t about seeing other people naked, or getting them to see you naked. It’s about freeing yourself, your mind, and your body to be unencumbered the way we are supposed to be when your environment is suitable and you don’t need to protect your body from it.

Modesty lives in your heart and mind, not between your legs.

The difference between relaxing nude and relaxing clothed is incredible.


The weather was warm, there was a wonderful breeze, and I felt refreshed and centered after relaxing the way our Heavenly Father created me.

Give it a try, experience what The Father intended!

“Mr. October” – LOL

Cover Mike

LOL- I am now officially a “calendar guy”. Mr. October, to be exact. You’ve probably heard about the various fundraising calendars that have been out there over the years where everyone is nude, but photographed in such a way as to still conceal the more private areas of their bodies.

A friend of mine put together just such a fundraising calendar to benefit a charity that protects children. One of the photographs of me was chosen for the month of October!

The calendar is called “Average Joe”. It’s twelve regular guys. We’re not supermodels or body builders, we’re just the average guys you see everyday in life, showing the world that you should not feel embarrassed if you don’t have the physique of an underwear model. Even the underwear models don’t look that good in real life! Nudism is for everyone, not just the people in the glossy advertisements!

Please purchase one HERE . It’s a great novelty and the profits all go to protect kids.

Busy-Busy-Busy :)

Nudist weather is here! We’ve been busy with land improvement, home maintenance, all of the fun stuff that comes with warmer weather.

I was able to continue the tradition of being nude at our pond on Easter Sunday again this year. That’s every year we’ve owned this place so far 🙂 NUDE Pond Easter - 2016-2017-2018-2019 LOGO

My wife was able to take vacation time for her birthday, and we relaxed and sunbathed at the pond for a whole afternoon. More updates to come

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

Give Praise and Glory to the Father, who sent His only begotten Son to fulfill the old covenant and become the ultimate and final sacrifice to save us ALL from the consequences of our disobedience.

Give thanks to the Lord for obeying the will of the Father and giving up His precious life that we may be reconciled with Him.

Thank the Father for raising Jesus Christ from the dead! Praise and thank the Father and our Lord for when he was resurrected he held the keys to death and hell, and has ALL authority.

Realize that He went through all of this to save YOU. Yes, YOU!

Such is His love for all of us that he allowed us to scorn him, persecute him, torture him, and kill him so that in doing so His precious blood would be spilled- washing away our sin and disobedience and giving us a direct line to the Father.

Be thankful that all we have to do is accept this greatest of gifts!

We cannot earn it.

We cannot buy it.

We need only accept it. That, ladies and gentlemen… is Love.

Matthew 11:29-30: Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me [following Me as My disciple], for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest (renewal, blessed quiet) for your souls. 30 For My yoke is easy [to bear] and My burden is light.” https://youtu.be/-vcxHxScOMw