Easter Sunday 2020



Every year since we bought the Undisclosed Location, I have been able to relax nude at the pond on Easter Sunday. This year, powerful storms are moving through the area. Torrential rains have flooded many low lying areas around us. With the rain, wind, and cold temperatures, it didn’t look like I would be able to continue the tradition. But then-
The rain stopped.
The wind stopped.
The clouds moved away.
The sun shone brightly down.
The air warmed.
It was if the Lord gave me yet another gift, on this the day we celebrate the greatest gift of all time!

Today isn’t about bunnies. It’s not about eggs, jellybeans, baskets, or pastel colors.

Today is about the Lord Jesus Christ, and his resurrection from the grave after having lived a perfect and sinless life in which he earned no punishment, but then became the greatest sacrifice of all time to pay the penalty for OUR sins. He didn’t have any sin to pay for, he never committed even a single one. This perfect man, the Word of God made flesh, shed his precious blood to ransom us from death and hell. The Word stipulates that without the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness of sin. He took upon His blameless self the weight of ALL of OUR sins and suffered the punishment WE deserve.

One of the last things He ever spoke while he was suffering on the cross was “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” It was in that moment when the Father poured every sin out upon his own Son. It was in that moment that this perfect and blameless man became guilty of every sin that ever had been or would be committed. It was at that moment that the Father turned His face away from his own Son who had become sin, for the Father is Holy, and will not look upon sin.

He Died For You.

Today, we celebrate His victory over death and the grave. Today we celebrate that He is seated even now at the right hand of the Father (a position of favor and power) constantly interceding on our behalf.

He did this because He loves you. Yes… YOU.

Rejoice in His love. Praise and thank Him. Seek Him.

May God Bless You.


Fear and Panic


Those photographs were taken at a local major chain grocery store on the evening of 03-13-2020. The chain in question is one of the biggest in the USA, and this location is one of their premiere stores. Well taken care of, and not very old at all.

By now, photos like these are common on the internet and the news. Take a good look at them. If all you see are empty shelves, you aren’t looking at the whole picture. Sure, there are the obvious things such as the emptiness of the shelves, how each one of those vertical black stripes are separated by four linear feet of space, how many shelves there are, the products that are missing, etc. However there is allot more information in those photographs that many people miss.

Information that we have seen time and time again such as how unprepared and panicky people are. We’ve seen these images before. With the SARS scare, H1N1, Swine Flu, and more. We see similar sights on a local level when a snowstorm is predicted, whenever any potentially major event presents itself such as hurricanes, spreading illnesses, etc. It seems that each time that some potential doom hovers on the horizon, people are filled with fear and panic buy the stores clean.

Why? Because they are not prepared. They forget the lessons they should have learned when these circumstances last presented themselves. They forget the anxiety, the stress they experienced the last time they had to get to the store and buy weeks worth of food and household supplies. They forget the fear that gripped them as they stood looking at empty shelves where medicine should have been; medicine they needed to buy but couldn’t. They forget that this whole country runs on “just in time” replenishment and so any spike in buying results in empty shelves. Once people see empty spots on store shelves, it increases the panic and they start buying out the “second” options. Then those spots empty out, which further feeds the panic until people are buying whatever is left; stuff that is never a part of their regular diet, but they will buy every unit of it anyway!

Once the threat has passed and everything returns to normal, they lapse back into complacency and allow themselves and their households to slide back into a position of unpreparedness requiring another session of panic buying whenever the next threat presents itself.

Consider the items that are sold out- medicines that treat flu symptoms, bath tissue, paper towel, antibacterial cleaning supplies, and food- particularly food that has a long and stable shelf life such as rice, dried beans, pasta and canned foods.

My family was not panic buying. We weren’t worried about that. We paid attention to our grandparents who almost always had weeks and months worth of food in their homes. We remembered how others panicked when the aforementioned viruses or snowstorms were looming on the horizon. Sure, we go to the store regularly- for things such as fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, specialty items, and to simply top off our supplies. However, we typically have enough long term food on hand to eat well for quite a while. Thus, I wasn’t at the store filled with anxiety and desperately trying to get my hands on as much as I could. I was there for a package of sliced cheddar cheese, some eggs, and maybe a gallon of milk. We weren’t filled with fear and panic because we were already prepared for the most part. The shortages resulting from interruptions in manufacturing, distribution, and stock levels are things we’ve seen before and decided to hedge against. I knew COVID-19 had the potential to be rather bad.

How did I see how bad COVID-19 could be? I did it by paying attention to reality, and dismissing the propaganda early on. When this issue first came to light, I read reports stating that the mortality rate was approximately 3%. Okay, so then why was China quarantining entire cities with populations of millions of people over a virus that had a significantly LOWER mortality rate than the annual flu?

I didn’t see how big COVID-19 was going to get, just how bad it could. The “experts” didn’t see it either, they usually don’t. But I do know a little about people, and I saw how bad COVID-19 and how bad public perception could become; thus I took preemptive action.

I checked our stocks of food, household supplies, and over the counter medicines. I immediately topped of the medicines first, then brought everything else up to the normal levels. Within a few weeks, we saw the beginnings of the panic as the talking heads started arguing about it and people started buying. The first shortages we noticed were OTC medications and supplements. Especially stuff to treat flu symptoms and support immune health. Next came long term storable foods- the rice, beans, and canned stuff. Next was the paper products, and now it’s almost everything.

LEARN FROM THIS– when something like this arrives, that shiny stuff many spend their money on suddenly doesn’t matter anymore, does it? Now it’s a desperate rush to secure the things in life that DO matter- the 3 B’s; Bandages, Beans, and Bullets. Yes, common calibers of ammunition are also sold out in many places and prices are soaring!

Once this has passed, sit down and examine YOUR pantry, YOUR medicine cabinet, and if applicable, Your ammunition stock levels. Instead of eating out a few times, devote those funds to establishing and maintaining stock levels of the very things that disappear so quickly when disaster looms. Look at how much of each type of item your family goes through on a weekly and monthly basis and start stock up to those levels. You don’t have to do it all at once, simply buy a few extra “reserve” items each time you go to the store. Once you achieve your goal levels, maintain them and USE them. Practice FIFO- First In = First Out to maintain stock that is in date and useable. Every Autumn, we pick up cold and flu remedies BEFORE cold season and flu season arrive. That stuff usually has a shelf life of at LEAST a year. Then, if illness hits, not only do we not have to worry about potentially competing with so many other sick people for limited stocks of medicine, we also don’t have to leave the house when we feel like crud in the first place.

You can choose to panic with the herd every time some boogeyman pops up on the horizon, or you can choose to be confident and secure like a good shepherd of your household. Which one do you want to be?, and what are you teaching your children who learn more by example than you realize?

Guest Post with permission

I have a Christian nudism group on MeWe. One of the Administrators posted the following and gave me permission to share it here…DSCN0432-LOGO

View on nudism from Fr Mark Montebello  Quoting, ‘ I was immediately reminded of an image I meditate upon quite often. It is that of the death of St Francis. When he felt that the last moments of his life had arrived, he requested from the friends who surrounded him to take off all his cloths and place him on the bare ground. And that’s how St Francis, that great man, gave up his soul.  Of course, I was also reminded of that famous passage in 2 Samuel 6:20-22 which says: “David returned to bless his own house: and Michol the daughter of Saul coming out to meet David, said: ‘How glorious was the king of Israel today, uncovering himself before the handmaids of his servants, and was naked, as if one of the buffoons should be naked.’ And David said to Michol: ‘Before the Lord, who chose me rather than thy father, and than all his house, and commanded me to be ruler over the people of the Lord in Israel, I will both play and make myself meaner than I have done: and I will be little in my own eyes: and with the handmaid of whom thou speakest, I shall appear more glorious.”  Perhaps, in this context, John Paul II’s reflection in Love and Responsibility (1981) might be worth noting: “The human body can remain naked and uncovered and preserve intact its splendour and its beauty … Nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness … Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person … The human body is not in itself shameful … Shamelessness (just like shame and modesty) is a function of the interior of a person.”  In conformity with the teachings of the Catholic Church, I submit that nudity can be considered in itself and in relation. In itself, it cannot be morally wrong, for it is said that “Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame” (Genesis 2: 25). Shame is indicative of sin, as written: the Lord God called to the man (Adam), “Where are you?” He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?” (Genesis 3: 9-11).  In relation, nudity can be a sin if undergone for lustful reasons. Thus, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 2521, states: “Purity requires modesty, an integral part of temperance. Modesty protects the intimate centre of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden. It is ordered to chastity to whose sensitivity it bears witness. It guides how one looks at others and behaves toward them in conformity with the dignity of persons and their solidarity. “  Now, I understand that the practice of nudism conforms to what has been said of nudity in itself. Nevertheless, as in all other matters, it can also be liable to sin if it is in conformity to what has been said in relation to lust.  Thus, to directly answer your question of what my opinion is on the matter, I state that nudism, defined as the practice of going nude, especially in places that allow sexually mixed groups, in the belief that such practice benefits physical, mental and/or spiritual health, and considering what has been said above, is not morally wrong’ unquote (personal communication).  In conclusion, I feel that according to the church, true naturists are not committing any immoral acts if they go to a naturist beach. Some individuals who are not truly naturists may go to a naturist area for lustful purposes such as perversion however this may occur on normal beaches and other areas too.  Naturally this opinion can be debated with many different interpretations of the Bible; however, history suggests that nudity at specific areas was fully or partially accepted through thousands of years. If in later years there was an ‘error of judgement’ then we do not have to continue in wrong beliefs. While the Bible condemns promiscuity and lust (as acts of mankind) it does not condemn the nude body (God’s creation). Pope John Paul II is to be commended for his open minded views on modesty and not criticized. It is highly likely that Jesus Christ Himself undressed completely in some specific public areas as this was the culture at that time and He was also human. The naked human body is God’s creation and in the right circumstances it is a reflection of God Himself.  Acknowledgment  The author gives special thanks to Rev. Dr Mark F. Montebello O.P., Ph.D., MSc., Ph.Lic., S.Th.B. & L for his esteemed opinion on the subject.  Suggested Reading  Catholicism and Nudism – What does the Catholic Church Think? ( Naturist Fellowship (http://cnfellowship.wordpress.com/)  Fig Leaf Forum (http://figleafforum.com/)  Karol Wojtyla (later Pope John Paul II), Love and Responsibility, trans. H. T. Willetts (New York: Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 1981).  My Experience With Jesus Christ (http://ezinearticles.com/?My-Experience-With-Jesus-Christ&id=1217272)  Nudity and Christianity, Cunningham, J, 2006 (http://www.jimccunningham.com/contents.htm)

Palindrome Day and God Blessed me and saved my life!



God has Blessed me, and saved my life!

I do not go to the doctor often. In fact, I tend to avoid going. It is only when an injury, illness, etc., starts to cause real concern that I will go. I’ll put up with some pain, discomfort, etc. and let my body do its job. Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 2:21-25 tell us that by His stripes, we were healed. I can testify that I have literally received healing from God for something doctors had been unable to take care of for years.

It turns out that some issues that I recently experienced and thought were unrelated were all symptoms/results of the same primary issue.

Lately, I have had less and less gumption. It felt like my “get up and go” had got up and went… without me. I wasn’t tired as in wanting to sleep, I simply didn’t have any energy. I was about to make a dentist appointment (which historically have NOT gone well for me) but put that off until I felt better.

First it was a sort of general feeling of malaise which slowly got worse. I figured I wasn’t getting enough sleep, or my sleep wasn’t of a good enough quality to fully recharge my body. I didn’t get online much, barely got anything done around the house, etc. I just “didn’t feel like it”.

Then, weird little sores started cropping up. I had no explanation for them. They didn’t seem to be bug bites, I had not suffered any injuries. When they first started appearing, they were itchy. They quickly became painful and looked like they were perhaps ingrown hairs. It would be odd indeed for me to suddenly experience numerous ingrown hairs in so many different places on my body. They developed what looked like a pustule with a little black dot in the middle. They were literally small boils. One showed up on my upper lip in my mustache which caused my lip to swell alarmingly and hurt, a couple on my abdomen, several on my scrotum, one on the base of my penile shaft, one in my groin, several on my upper inside left thigh, a couple on my right leg above and below my knee, etc. They didn’t all show up at once. Because of that, and because of how they appeared to be spreading, I wondered (as did a few people I discussed it with) if I was having an allergic reaction to something.

Then I apparently suffered a spider bite on the outside of my left thigh. Over a space of 2 or 3 days, it became very painful, and BIG! The surrounding underlying tissue got firmer and hotter than it should have been.

Then… I noticed a little bit of “fuzziness” in my cognitive abilities. Thinking and focus took a little more, well, work. Sometimes I would have to think for a second to remember a password. Situational awareness suffered.

Because the spider bite (which I thought could be a spider bite but wasn’t sure) suddenly ramped up in pain level to the point where it was simply throbbing with pain all the time and constantly waking me up, combined with all the weird little sores that appeared to be “spreading”, the Holy Spirit worked through my wife and a friend, and within me to convince me it was time to go to the doctor.

Had to be a “walk in” as this all came to a head over the weekend so I couldn’t make an appointment. I waited about 2 hours and then the nurse called me back for the height/weight/BP/temperature thing. When she asked why I was seeing the doctor and I told her all of this, she immediately said that it sounded like I had a staph infection.

I was taken to an exam room and when the doctor came in, I partially disrobed and showed him the big bite on my left thigh which he diagnosed as a brown recluse bite but said there was no need to worry because it wasn’t bad. Then I told him everything else. I disrobed and showed him all the little boils, and he immediately said that I had a systemic staph infection. When I added that I was starting to experience a little fuzziness around the edges of my cognitive abilities, he replied with “We’re going to give you an injection TODAY. It is a very strong antibiotic. I’m also going to write a prescription for a very strong oral antibiotic.” He repeatedly asked me if I was allergic to any antibiotic.

He also told me that when staph infections become systemic, they literally “suck the life out of you”.

The nurse came in with a syringe that looked like it could have been the water tank from a super soaker with a needle sticking out the end of it. It was FULL. I believe this was the largest non-intravenous injection I’ve ever received. I absolutely despise needles and injections, but God was merciful as it barely hurt. She warned that it was going to hurt but I almost did not feel the needle at all, and even though the medication was supposed to feel hot and cause pain, it was just a very mild warmth with almost no real discomfort. I didn’t even have injection site pain later on. Praise God! They made me wait for an additional ten minutes after the injection to make sure I wasn’t having an adverse reaction to it. Must have been powerful stuff indeed.

By the time I got home, the swelling in my lip was almost completely gone. Before this, I could not smile, had to talk carefully, and almost could not eat or drink as anything contacting my upper lip or causing it to move or flex resulted in a nasty, strong shot of pain.

After? I could smile, eat, and even lightly press on my lip without discomfort. My chest felt better (didn’t realize it had felt bad!). The active throbbing of the spider bite disappeared! It’s still fairly tender and does NOT like to be poked, but it is vastly better than it was.

Yes, God blessed me. This infection was systemic. It was effecting my whole body. It had reached the point where it was manifesting seemingly unrelated symptoms all over my body both inside and on the surface. I shudder to imagine how much worse it could have gotten, especially if I had gone ahead and made that dentist appointment. God is Good, every day, all day long!

It’s been a minute… hasn’t it?

Wow, it has been a little while since I’ve added anything here.

My apologies!

There has been much to do, much getting done, and more on the way thus social media dropped a little further down the priority list. We had a few severe storms, power outages, tornadoes (which thankfully God spared us from) a broken water pipe, and a few other issues in the last several months.

However, we’ve also been blessed. We are healthy, together, well fed, and still very much in Love with each other! The tornadoes that caused death and so much horrible damage formed near our home but moved away from us before getting strong enough to cause that damage. The poor folks a few miles away bore the brunt of it, losing loved ones, homes, vehicles, and power.

Christmas day dawned overcast and warm. So warm that I was able to head back to the pond and relax naturally for a while, feeding the fish and enjoying our own little private resort. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior in natural solitude.

This winter has been thankfully very mild temperature wise, but it has also been very wet. I haven’t been able to get back on the property and get the stuff done I need to do before it warms back up yet.

We hope everyone has a blessed and happy 2020, that you are all healthy, safe, and prosperousChristmasDay2019-Copyrighted-IMG_7367.

More to come as soon as I have the time 😀 !

Birthday suit on your Birthday


Our Heavenly Father blessed us with beautiful weather around my birthday.

This time of year, one has to seize upon the warm days whenever they appear as it is usually too cool for comfortable outdoor nudism, and we usually get more rainfall with the cooler weather. The day before, the day of, and the day after my birthday were all warm and sunny with light and refreshing breezes. I spent those three afternoons relaxing at the Undisclosed Location pond and actually ended up with a light tan instead of a sunburn! Birthday suit on my birthday 😉

Try out your birthday suit on your birthday!

Mysterious Socks

Mystery socks-Copyrighted

Had a bit of a mystery at the Undisclosed Location a recently…

The weather was perfect for relaxing nude at the pond and I was prepping the house and dogs so I could go back there for a little while when I received a text message from one of my neighbor’s sons asking if he could go to the pond to fish.

We allow those neighbors the enjoyment of going to the pond, fishing, and hunting on our land but we have one rule: Each and every time that any of them wants to be on our land they must contact us first and get permission. They know that we go nude back there, and we shoot/hunt back there, thus they need to clear it with us before hand.

For a while, there was a problem as they kept forgetting to check with us first and would just go back there, especially the younger of his twin sons, who had walked back on me nude before and had just the previous weekend ridden his horse back to our pond without getting permission from his dad or from us, once again arriving when I was nude and almost when my wife was nude as well. She had just put her clothes back on when we heard a horse galloping hard towards us. Of course, this resulted in his dad and I having a talk… again. Their house is very close to the part of the property line where our pond road is, so when I drive my Jeep back to the pond, I am passing within 15 yards of their house. The Jeep isn’t exactly a stealthy vehicle off road either. It does tend to make allot of noise. So it was frustrating that not only was he failing to contact us, but also that I figured surely they could hear the Jeep as I drove it past their house on my way to the pond. Looks like sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

Since this particular son had been diligent about checking with us first after the horse incident, I decided to tell him it was okay for him to go fishing instead of heading to the pond myself. I did tell him that I would be at the pond later, as I had not checked it since we had gotten our first rain in over a month and wanted to see the water level. I busied myself with some other chores around the house.

A while later I had finished up the additional chores and enough time had passed for him to enjoy having the pond to himself, so I headed back to check it out.

As I got to the end of the pond road, I noticed a bright white object laying in the grass on the south side of the pond. I parked the Jeep in the usual spot and walked over to investigate. It turned out to be a pair of socks. My neighbor’s son was nowhere to be seen. I texted his dad asking if he’d been to the pond yet, but didn’t get a response. I started checking the area and saw footprints in the mud, going into the water. I failed to see the one footprint coming back out of the water until later.

We have no idea what debris may be in the pond from the previous owners (we’re STILL cleaning up junk and trash) and there are fish hooks, several breeds of turtles, decent sized fish, etc. in there, thus his sons have never expressed any desire to swim in it. After thoroughly checking the area, all I had found were the socks and the footprints. All of this took about 20 minutes and I still had not heard back from his dad.

By now, I’m wondering what is going on. A pair of socks laying in the grass, footprints going into the water, and no neighbor to be seen. It was like one of those grade school mystery stories. That end of the pond is the shallow end and there was obviously nothing in the water, so I took a photo of the socks, and of the footprints, and walked back to the Jeep to unpack and set up.

Normally when I drive the Jeep back there, I start setting up as soon as I park. We leave a few folding camp chairs and lounge chairs in the back that have to be set up, the cooler needs to be set next to the chairs, camera readied, etc. Then we’ll undress and relax. I had just finished setting up the chairs and had taken my shirt off when I heard someone on the pond road start running towards me. This was alarming as I can usually hear a person walking down our pond road long before they reach the point where this person seemed to suddenly appear and started running. About two seconds later my neighbor’s younger son came into view and stopped.

“Forgot my socks!” he exclaimed. Since I thankfully still had my cargo shorts on, I chatted with him for a moment. It seems that a fishing lure I had given him had become snagged relatively close to shore and he was not willing to lose it. In all fairness, it’s a really good lure. The fish usually hit it hard right after it hits the water. He had waded in to the pond and retrieved it, forgetting to pick his socks up when he headed back to their house. Mystery solved – LOL

He had caught 4 decent sized fish that day and released them all back into the pond.

After he headed home I spent the afternoon relaxing, feeding the fish and turtles, soaking myself in the heat of the day, and enjoying the gentle breeze.

Autumn?What’s that again?


The seasons don’t normally change around here the way most people from other parts of the country would expect. We typically have 4 seasons, but they’re not Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. We usually get:
Hot + dry
Hot + wet
Cold + dry
Cold + wet
We also usually do not have gentle transitions between them. For example, although last week we had high temperatures in the 90’s, today’s high temperature is 61. This weekend is supposed to be in the 70’s. We usually don’t get a typical autumn with a gentle slide from summer to winter. We’ll have a few warm spells throughout the winter with temps in the high 60’s to low 70’s, but we’ll also have cold spells, the worst of which is usually in January with highs in the 30’s, 20’s, or even the teens. That is usually followed by a heat wave in February with the temperature soaring up into the 60’s, 70’s, or even the 80’s! I’ve gone deer hunting nude (except for my boots and safety vest) and I’ve gone deer hunting wearing two pairs of long underwear, two pairs of thick socks, several long sleeve shirts, hoodie, heavy coat, hat, and gloves, and sat shivering!
Perhaps it’s just wishful, nostalgic thinking; or perhaps it’s because I lived in a different part of the country for much of my youth, but I seem to recall more of those steady and gentle changes between the seasons… especially the fall.
My wife took this photo of me on 10-13-19. The high was in the low 60’s. As the sun set behind the trees on the pond ridge, it cooled off so quickly that within the span of about 30 minutes I went from nude, to wearing a hoodie, to getting completely dressed, to us packing up and going back to the house. This Saturday is my birthday, and the weather prediction is for mostly sunny with high temperatures in the mid 70’s. I’m looking forward to getting some natural time at the pond in my birthday suit.
Usually, winter and summer seem to strive with each other with each one gaining and losing as temperatures bounce from hot to cold and back again until summer finally gives up for a while. This year, winter seems to have run in and slapped summer… hard.

Round ups can come as a surprise!

DSCN0273-CopyrightedI was part of a round up!… at 0030hrs (12:30 A.M.) this morning.

I took Odin (our Alpha dog- German Shepherd/Mastiff mix) outside. As he was doing his usual “checking that everything is like it should be” he not only alerted on part of the yard but started his ferocious warning bark! Since we’ve moved back to the country, he has gotten used to seeing various wildlife, and although he will alert when he sees other animals, he rarely barks outside unless they are too close to one of us or to the house; and even then it’s usually just a bark or two.

This however, was his danger bark. I shined my light at the corner of the house (he was barking at a part of the yard I could not see from where I was standing) when he took his bark up a notch to indicate imminent threat. He bowed up and got mean.

There is a coyote problem around here currently, so I drew my sidearm and proceeded to the corner of the house to see what he was barking at, worried that there was a pack of them in the yard. Contrary to popular belief, coyotes do not have to be sick to go after big dogs and even human beings. The ones around here have gotten a bit too bold lately.

I ease up to the corner and…

Horse in the yard.

BIG horse… in my yard.

Agitated BIG horse.

My neighbors both have horses, but this fella wasn’t one of them. Lo and behold, he had buddies with him. They were walking across my yard towards my neighbor’s horse pasture where his two horses live.

Agitated BIG horse snorts, whinnies, and then turns to join his buddies heading towards the pasture fence where my neighbor’s horses are standing- a gelding and a mare. The mare is a small horse with a big attitude.

The three visiting horses start pushing on the fence trying to join my neighbor’s horses. Attitudes on both sides start ramping up. I commanded Odin to go in the house and secured him, then ran back outside. Lots of snorting, stomping, and fence pushing from both groups. It was escalating quickly.

My neighbor’s mare was starting to get VERY agitated. His house was dark, and I was surprised that nobody had turned on a light or looked out the window yet as there was allot of noise from the horses. I hated to do it but I had to wake my neighbor as there was no way I would be able to handle this on my own. These visiting horses were getting pissed about something. They were nipping and kicking at each other and I don’t have bridles or leads to use. His mare was dashing to and fro, getting very vocal.

I banged on his door a few times and soon he stepped out on the porch. I had obviously woken him and felt like a jerk. I apologized for waking him and started to explain, shining my light on the horses. As I did that, one of his sons came to the door, rubbing his eyes and wondering what was going on. It took my neighbor only a very short moment to grasp the situation. He immediately went back inside, told his son to get dressed and grab the horse leads. They came back outside less than 30 seconds later and the round up began!

It did not go well at first. It seems at least one of the visiting horses was a stallion (not castrated). One of them did belong to our neighbor across the road, but nobody recognized the other two. All of them kept dashing away from us, testing the fence, and kicking each other. Things ramped up even further when they encountered the part of the fence that’s electrified. They didn’t like that.

It was very dark as we moved away from the security light. There we were: my groggy neighbor who is still recovering from cancer surgery and just had his chemotherapy port put in, his 15 year old son, and me alone in the dark with three very agitated horses.

At one point, they suddenly ran straight at my neighbor’s son who had to jump up into a stand of Crepe Myrtles to avoid being trampled. Based on each horse’s behavior, we started to think that the mare may be going into estrus, and the visiting horses were interested in making her acquaintance.

Eventually, we were able to get them under control but it took a while. My neighbor’s son grabbed a small feed container of sweet oats which, along with MUCH soothing talk and repeated gentle approaches finally got us close enough to them so that we could let them smell us and put leads on two of them. Even then, it was touch and go for a little while as they would not settle. They were bumping us and each other, a few foot stomps, some vocalizations, etc.

We led them across the road and with much coaxing put all three of them into my other neighbor’s pasture. One of them was his anyway 🙂 My neighbor told me he would call our neighbor across the road to explain the two new horses. We joked that the horse fairy had visited him. I can only imagine the surprise on our neighbor’s face if he looked outside to see he had three horses instead of one before anyone could tell him why.

Then the three of us had to calm the gelding and the mare, walk the fence checking for damage, and insure the electrical part of the fence was still energized. The whole thing took more than an hour.

It had been a long time since I had lived in the country. I’ll take this any day over the suburbs or the city.

Be Vigilant


I’ve given much thought as to whether or not I wanted to post about this. It’s a longish story that is true, and is told here to provide an example as to why we always have to be on guard. Those images are screen shots. I removed information that would reveal the username of the person I use as an example, and the name of the website.

I hope it serves to remind us about being cautious on social websites, particularly nudist sites. It’s not to call anyone out or disparage any particular person or website.

Some folks like to say that people are different now than they were 50, 100, or more years ago.

I don’t agree. Our lifestyles are different because of technology. People are still people, we merely have vastly increased our ability to interact, share information and live easier lifestyles. Society may change because of convenience, but Human Nature hasn’t . People are people.

I dare say most of us aren’t getting up before dawn to tend livestock, living without electricity, plumbing, and all that life 150 years ago entailed. Our lives are very different than those of our fore bearers because of electricity, plumbing, automation and other technological advances. We have exponentially more free time than the generations who came before us. One of the biggest differences that I see between the generations of yesteryear and today is Information Technology, especially the internet.

The web puts the world at our fingertips… and straight into our houses. I used to call the internet “The World’s Best Library”, because instead of having to go to a physical building and search through card catalogs, get help from a Librarian, and simply hope that the library actually had any information on the topic in question we simply boot up the computer and type in whatever we are seeking, then the internet brings all of the related information directly to us in the comfort of our home. Of course, this was before shadow banning and the realization that even the big search engines are not only limiting what we can find in order to manipulate us and our society, they keep track of absolutely everything we do.

Even with all of that, I am still thankful that I am alive and well in the age when the internet exists, but I do see it as a two edged sword now, and something to be treated with awareness and caution.

Take Nudism and Naturism for example. How many of us would have risked exposing our interest or participation in these lifestyles back in the days before the internet by going to our local library and asking the librarian for help with locating information on nudism? Sure, some would. However, many would not have as the risk of being unfairly judged and outed could be great.

In the age of the internet however, we simply search for nudism, nudist organizations, nudist groups, etc., and there on our screens is more information than we can click through! All in the privacy of our home. It’s easy to find others who share our views on nudism, network with them, etc.

The thing is… it’s easier for some to express their personal nature online than in real life. There is less risk of immediate and “in real life” consequences for expressing unpopular or even degenerate views online than there is if done in person. It’s easier still if they are not revealing who they are.

People can be “anyone they want to be” online. Think you’re chatting or interacting with a genuine nudist? Maybe you are, maybe you’re not.

When my family first got on the web back in the 1990’s, it was vastly different than the web we see today. It probably seems very naive now, but back then it came as a shock to discover that some people were intentionally misrepresenting who they were. It simply did not occur to me at first why someone would lie about their gender, age, circumstances, etc.

Within a few days, we had all learned about that risk, and some of the reasons other people would do that. Back then, you really were anonymous online unless you divulged true information about yourself. Even today, you are usually anonymous to other end users. It is shocking what some people will do, say, etc. when they believe that they are anonymous.

Over the last two decades, I have had my own social nudist websites, and have helped with many others. During that time, we saw patterns emerging that would come to serve as “red flags” or warning signs as to the intent of any particular person. These patterns usually indicated that a person was pretending to be someone they were not, and/or were actually interested in something other than what they indicated.

When I saw someone exhibiting one or more of those patterns, I would usually go along far enough to let them reveal their real interests. I still do that today. I’d rather know what someone is truly interested in so that I can tell who I need to avoid contact with and who appears to be safe.

In 2009 I joined a social nudist site that is Christian oriented. At first it was enjoyable. I met several online friends, there were some good conversations via the forums, and there was a plethora of topics to choose from.

Unfortunately, there were also allot of arguments over doctrine; i.e.- which denomination of Christianity was “right”, which version of the Bible was acceptable, etc. It got to the point where these differences detracted so much from the forums in general that I simply decided to leave. No animosity, no “blistering” exit post. I just quit logging in.

Several years later, I was contacted by the founder of that site via a nudist blog that I had. He praised my blog and the way I kept illustrating that nudism and sex are not related, how nudism is beneficial to people of all ages, etc. Once he learned that I had been a member of his site in the past and why I left, he invited me to return assuring me that those issues had been remedied. I rejoined and saw that there had been a reduction of the inter-denominational vitriol that had caused me to leave his site a few years earlier.

After being invited to come back to the site I became fairly active there, logging in whenever I had a spare moment. I found some of my material had been gleaned from elsewhere on the web and posted in the forums by others, where it had been mostly praised. When I posted something, it was usually well received. I was enjoying the site much more than I had in the past as it seemed there were more people who viewed a variety of things similarly to the way my family does and there was much less denominational disagreement.

Sure, there were some things I didn’t agree with. One member took umbrage with an article of mine expressing my firm belief that nudism and sex are not inherently related. He labeled himself as an “edenistic” believer, and advocated the open display of erections and erotic behavior in familial nudist settings, insisting that is what our Heavenly Father intended.

So yeah, there was stuff that I didn’t agree with, but overall it was a much better place.

The owner of the site also asked for my help with their web presence on other services such as blogs and groups. I agreed to help but eventually bowed out.

Back then, I really didn’t have much time to be online on a day to day basis, and my helping out was turning into becoming a content provider and being more and more responsible for their blogs and groups. I was having trouble finding the time to run my own blogs and groups so I had to stop.

The only time I recall any Admin or Mod contacting me in a negative way was the result of my telling a joke in the joke of the day thread.

The joke I told?

Why did the blond get fired from the M+M factory? Because she kept throwing away all the ones that said “W”. It is a Christian forum folks, so basically it is limited to pretty tame stuff.

I received a PM advising that joke could be offensive.


I mentioned all of that not to pat myself on the back or make myself look good, but to illustrate my standing in that forum community, and to hopefully help you understand why what happened next caught me off guard.

One day I clicked on one of the new threads that came from an area of the forum where new members were encouraged to introduce themselves.

The person who started the thread simply posted that he was a single father raising a seven year old daughter and two stepsons, ages six and nine, that they practice home nudity and hope to go to a resort soon. I welcomed him to the site as did others.

The next day, he responded to the numerous welcomes by posting that:

Due to his first wife, his daughter is only allowed to be nude while swimming, that they have a pool, that he has full custody of his two stepsons, and his rule is that “they have to be naked after dusk”.

I deduced that he was referring to his two stepsons as he had already established that his daughter can only be nude while swimming.

That statement about requiring a six year old stepson and a nine year old stepson to be “naked after dusk” struck me as odd and cryptic. There is a world of difference between telling your kids that they are only allowed to be nude at certain times and having a rule forcing them to be. That seemed to be a rather weird thing to mention.

Thus far, he had included no other information of any sort. Not how long he had been a nudist, how he came to discover nudism, how he found the website, what part of the world he lived in, his age range, nothing at all about religion, etc. None of the stuff normally found in a post where one is introducing themselves to the other members of a group or forum.

He did not mention why his first wife was ok with the daughter skinny dipping but not being nude at any other time, whether his stepsons were part of a nudist family before he came into the picture and somehow gained full custody of them, how the biological parents of those two boys feel about them being required to be naked after dusk, or if the biological parents of those two boys even know about it.

He did not mention any other requirements in regard to nudity either. Nothing about sleeping, homework, tv/gaming time, supper, swimming, playing in the dirt or mud, nothing.

He did not advise why he forces them to be naked or why only after dusk.

So the subject of his short and cryptic posts dealt almost exclusively with having children and forcing two of them to be naked.

Making cryptic posts is an old ploy. Some people do it to drum up curiosity so others will engage with them, to seem mysterious, to seek attention, etc.

Sometimes it just happens because of posting in a hurry.

Others have done it in an attempt to communicate unspoken information, imply something they don’t want to state openly, etc. If you’re going to be cryptic with something you post, you should expect folks to ask you about it, and if you’re going to be cryptic with a post on a nudist forum in which you tell people you require your young stepsons to be naked after dusk, you should most definitely expect someone to ask about it. Especially if it is one of the first posts you make, and that was actually his third post anywhere on that entire forum.

My wife and I have never required nudity of anyone, even family members. Forcing someone to be nude for any reason other than a medical one (and yes, those do actually exist both physical and psychological) is something we see as inherently wrong. Thus, I wanted to learn more about this guy before I asked about this strange rule. Perhaps he had explained it elsewhere and I had simply missed it.

I clicked on the little link under his name which took me to his profile. There, I saw that he had been a member for five years, but had only made three posts, all within the last three weeks. I clicked on the link that would show me all of his posts. This is what I saw there-

His first post was on 06-23-18. He posted a comment under a photo depicting three nude teenagers in a thread about European nudism and European nudist media. His comment read “All three of those kids look great naked. Too bad we don’t have a teen nudist mag in the US”.

His second post was on 07-14-18. This was his introductory post where he stated he is single, has three kids, and lists their ages and genders.

His third post was on 07-15-18. This is the one stating his seven year old daughter is only allowed to be nude while swimming and that he requires his six and nine year old stepsons to be nude after dusk.

Member for five years, total of three posts all made in the last three weeks, all dealing directly and almost exclusively with nude children.

Alarms started going off. I felt compelled to inquire further about this.

Why would I feel compelled?

Several reasons, the greatest of which was to seek understanding of something which I did not and still do not understand; i.e.- the requirement that his two young stepsons be nude after dark.

After more than two decades of encountering people online with ulterior motives, my instincts were warning me about this. His three posts focused on naked children.

No other discussions. No other information. No other posts… in five years.

Sure I saw a pattern, but that did not mean he was a bad person. I was trying to determine if this was someone simply making short, cryptic posts or someone with questionable motives regarding children and nudism. Some other members, including one of the moderators, expressed that they too were concerned about his special rule and the lack of any transparency regarding it. What was the purpose of that rule and also what was the purpose of telling everyone the rule exists but nothing at all as to why?

So… I asked him about it.  At this point I did not mention his lack of post history or that I was concerned because the few posts he had made all dealt with nude children. I did not mention that I have seen this pattern countless times, or what it usually indicated.

In my query:

I wasn’t hostile but I was clear. I think the words “straightforward” or “to the point” would apply.

I stipulated that I usually do not question people on personal decisions but I felt compelled to ask about this rule, particularly since he felt it necessary to tell us that it existed.

I addressed that although my wife and I have JOKED about requiring nudity if we ever put a swimming pool in (to discourage people who suddenly wanted to be friends because of the pool), we have never actually required nudity of anyone.

I stated that I realize those are his kids and it is his task to raise them but that I do not understand his motivation for mandating that his two stepsons be naked at night or the desired outcome.

I reiterated that we have never required nudity and that I cannot fathom a situation in which we would (even though I can, I just wasn’t going to offer a ready-made excuse).

I reiterated that I do not understand how a rule like that would come into being or what the objective is. Why state and then reiterate those things? To ensure that if his post was the type that was meant to communicate unspoken information of an unsavory nature, nobody reading my inquiry would mistake it for being interested in a bad way. It was meant to show concern, not interest.

That was it.

I didn’t make any accusations. I don’t think I implied anything torrid. He came onto a Christian oriented, family oriented nudist site and made these statements. Some of us felt concern because of them. I wanted to clear this up.

It’s best not to beat around the bush when dealing with something of that nature- get it cleared up right away.

Don’t stroll around the garden path, don’t be vague.

He declined to respond.

In fact, he didn’t post again in that thread. As of the last time I logged in, he had made only one more post anywhere on that site, and that was one asking for his account to be closed in which he stated that he would not be logging in to that account (not the site, just that account) because he had been criticized for the way he is raising his kids.

That is another typical action that I’ve seen. When someone overplays their hand and others start to question their motive, they leave. Often, they will make a final post filled with indignation, but they usually leave. Some will go back to lurking.

Just because someone decides to leave a site, even if they make an exit post filled with indignation, that still does not mean they are a bad person.

Asking why someone would force nudity upon young boys at night is not criticism, it is an inquiry. Stating that someone is wrong for doing so is criticism. I had stated that my wife and I see forced nudity as inherently wrong, but I did not apply that belief to anyone else. I asked what his motivation was and what he hoped to achieve with this requirement.

In other words… Tell us why you mentioned that you force your stepsons to be naked (his word) after dusk since you made a point of telling everyone you do that in the first place.

Did this guy “owe” me or anyone else who expressed concern an explanation? Nope. He could have said that.

None of your business

I’d rather not say

It’s personal

See how easy that is? I just popped three responses up right there.

There are a multitude of responses he could have made that, whether they were true or not, may have quelled the alarm that several of us felt. Perhaps the actual reason a stepdad would force his two young stepsons to be “naked after dusk” would have been a good one for him to respond with..

Had he chosen to respond, perhaps his reasoning would have been something of benefit to others.

I saw allot of folks assuming his reason, providing their own potential reasons, but I didn’t see him say anything else about it.

Some other members and moderators however, leapt to his defense, most taking issue with my question, claiming that I was implying horrible things about him.

I wasn’t.

If I truly felt that this guy was that bad, I simply would have private messaged all of the moderators or emailed the owner.

I didn’t choose that route. I had no evidence, circumstantial or otherwise showing he was bad. This was still up in the air for several of us, and we were seeking clarification.

I wanted to give this guy the chance to clear up what may have been a misunderstanding. One that immediately caused concern with several people.

What ensued was a veritable storm of vitriol, accusations, and argument, most of it in support of the single dad while lambasting me, as well as others, for having the gall to ask him about his special rule.

There were posts pleading with him to stay.


Pleading with a guy to stay who had made three posts in his five years on that site, all of which addressed nude children and nothing else.

It now alarmed me that there was a small but rather vocal group of people upset that this anonymous single dad who forces his young stepsons to be naked would be questioned about it and was thus saying he was not logging back into that account.

What is that small vocal group’s motivation for pleading with him to stay? Surely it was not mere member retention as I have never seen such response when anyone else stated they were leaving, even when it was long time members with many posts.


Since I was being lambasted publicly, I responded publicly. I explained why I had the gall to ask him about it. I listed many of the above reasons that served to compel me to make that inquiry. I also reminded people that I had made no implications or accusations, merely an inquiry.

That didn’t matter to some of them. The hate and indignation kept on a rollin’.

I was told nobody should ever question a parent’s decisions regarding their children. Well, to a point I agree. However, not all parents are good people. In fact, we have in this country people who are paid to question some decisions made by parents. Those folks are usually referred to as Child Protective Services.

CPS are not always the good guys either, but some of them do try and the very existence of their jobs is a result of poor parenting decisions that endanger children. So… yeah, sometimes it’s prudent to ask about a parenting decision.

I was told that it was nobody’s business why he forces his 6 year old and 9 year old stepsons to be naked after dusk. Hmmm… Seems he made it our business when he put that information up in such a vague way on a public forum.  Surely he could foresee that someone would ask about something so unusual and cryptically described.

This all took place over the period of a few days. During that time, I was in contact with some others via email regarding it. I am not the only person who saw this pattern. I am not the only one who felt alarmed and concerned. However, it does seem that because I was the first one to ask for an explanation, I was viewed as the chief bad guy or at least one of them.

During those days, I encountered another thread I viewed as very unacceptable and brought it to the attention of some Mods.

That thread was posted by someone supposedly talking about a friend of theirs who’s family had just recently gotten involved with nudism. Two young girls and a young boy were frequently mentioned. It quickly progressed to mentioning how the two sisters were “curious” about their brother’s penis.

It then progressed to a post stating the sisters had physically interacted with their brother’s penis to satisfy their curiosity, to which someone replied that they were “happy” to hear of the girl’s “learning experience“.

Read that again.

Think about that. Now, recall that this is supposed to be a forum on a CHRISTIAN oriented nudist site.

Those posts remained. Their presence along with the tempest in a teacup throw down about the single dad, combined with some revelations by some of the people I was in contact with changed my view of a site that I had gained enjoyment from. It now looked darker, less family friendly, and willing to play host to people that I not only do not want to associate with, but most certainly do not want trying to associate with my family.

I have not logged back into or visited that site since. No “exit” post, no whining, no martyred requests that my account be closed. I just stopped visiting it.

We do NOT condone the display of erections and erotic behavior in a family nudist setting. We don’t condone it in any nudist setting whether children are present or not. Once eroticism becomes involved, it’s not a nudist setting anymore.

We do NOT condone forcing someone to be nude in the absence of a legitimate need.

We do NOT condone allowing two sisters physically interacting with their own brother’s penis to satisfy their “curiosity”.

We do NOT condone allowing a comment regarding that to state that the commentator is happy for those girl’s “learning experience”.

Yes, children are curious by nature. We as the parents and/or adults are charged with protecting them- even from themselves if we see that their curiosity is leading them into potential harm.

There is allot of good on that site. Good people, good information, good fellowship. Alas, even with all of that good, when a website goes so far as to allow material of that nature, it is time to make a decision. I decided to walk away. I have no desire to be associated with that kind of stuff or with those types of people. Sure, people have different opinions. People have different beliefs. However, I believe that there comes a point where opinions and beliefs cross a line. When that happens, it’s up to each of us to decide what we are responsible for doing.

Am I saying I’m “better” than those folks? Not at all. We are ALL children of the Father, ALL loved by Him. That does not mean that I’m going to associate with that kind of behavior though.

Are we anti-sex? Nope. Sex is a gift from God. However, He does have specific rules regarding it that we should follow.

I have since been contacted by a member of that forum and advised that some of my posts there have been edited by some of the moderators who took umbrage with some of us asking that single dad about his special rule. I stand by what I posted. I surely hope that whoever edited them had the moral integrity to note that the post was edited by them and thus is not what I originally posted. Anything else is dishonest.

So… why am I putting this here? To serve as a reminder to all of us that the person on the other side of the screen may or may not be whom you believe them to be! To remind us that even if a group or forum we belong to seems great, there could be stuff going on behind the scenes that we need to pay attention to if it comes to light.

Make no mistake folks, we are targets. In the decades of nudist work I’ve done on the web I can tell you the number ONE problem I have seen firsthand: People with ulterior motives.

Nudist sites are heavily targeted by people with ulterior motives and constant vigilance is required to keep them safe for us all. People with ulterior motives are not going to introduce themselves and openly state that they’re really not there for nudism but instead are looking for something else.

Nudist oriented social sites seem to be one of the best ways for nudists to network. We can go to an online place that is specifically for nudists, meet new friends, and have some online fellowship with others about nudism and it’s role and impact in our lives. We can gain insight and knowledge from each other, find out about good places to be nude, and get advice.

Poke around the sites you are a member of. Interact with the others and let them reveal what they’re really interested in. Draw them out if you need to. Then you will have a better idea of whom you are dealing with, and whether or not it would be a good idea to continue dealing with them!

Be vigilant. Sure it may just be someone with a different lifestyle, opinion, etc. However, if it raises your suspicion then you should pay attention.

Ask for clarification. Get it cleared up right away.

It might be nothing, or it might be something that later on down the road you wish you had nipped in the bud. Yep, when online people can be whomever they want to be, but sooner or later many of them will reveal who they really are.